Honolulu, HI

The dormant volcano known as Diamond Head located adjacent to downtown Honlulu, Hawaii, as shot from an altitude of about 1500 feet over the Pacific Ocean.

Honolulu is the largest city in the Hawaiian Islands and is also home to the state capital. In addition to a lot of tourism, Honolulu also serves as a business gateway for the United States to Asian commerce and trade. 

Meaning “calm port” in Hawaiian, residents enjoy beautiful weather year-round, and an abundance of entertainment centers around the city’s Waikiki Beach. With a mix of Hawaiian and European cultures, Honolulu is certainly unlike any other U.S. city and has several options for college education for those students looking to escape the mainland for their studies. 

Universities in Honolulu, HI – 4-Year Colleges and Online

There are several 4-year universities and colleges in Honolulu to choose from. The flagship university of the University of Hawaii system is located in Honolulu, as are Remington College, Pacific Rim Christian University, Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii Pacific University, and the University of Phoenix’s Hawaii campus. 

U of H offers the best classic college experience, with a sprawling campus, D1 sports, and one of the most diverse student bodies in the nation. 

Community Colleges in Honolulu

There are two prominent community colleges in Honolulu, Kapiolani CC, and Honolulu Community College. Both offer certification programs in addition to the 2-year associate degree programs. 

Get to Know Honolulu, HI

Colorful Sunset Sun Going Down Tantalus Outlook Houses Office Buildings Downtown Honolulu Hawaii

Most students who are new to Hawaii spend the majority of their first years exploring the countless beaches the main island of Hawaii has to offer. As far as city life, Honolulu is bustling year-round, and the tourism season doesn’t really stop or start, meaning a lot of part-time work opportunities for students, too. 

There is always a little bit of a detachment feel for island-dwellers, but Honolulu is plenty large enough to keep your mind off of that and also happens to have the biggest airport in the archipelago, so you’re never too far from a quick flight home if, indeed, you do travel from the mainland to attend college on this island paradise.

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