Berkeley, CA

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Bordering Oakland in the San Francisco Bay, Berkeley, CA is not only a college town but is considered the American College Town by many accounts. 

The University of California – Berkeley is the oldest UC campus in the state, and the town is considered one of the most socially progressive cities in the country and has been for quite some time. 

UC’s flagship campus isn’t the only college in Berkeley, though, and here is a look at some other options. 

Universities in Berkeley, CA – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Given the Bay Area’s reputation for tech, it’s no surprise that Berkeley and the surrounding cities are well ahead of the curve of online and hybrid offerings, however, UC does, indeed have a large market share of the brick-and-mortar 4-year colleges in Berkeley. Zaytuna College and the California Jazz Conservatory offer 4-year degrees for some of their programs. 

Community Colleges in Berkeley, CA 

Known as an education hub, Berkeley’s City College is considered to have very high-quality course offerings and also helps students save some money while they decide what to pursue at one of the nearly countless numbers of 4-year colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Get to Know Berkeley, CA

Berkeley takes no offense to being known as a hippy town, and much of its culture and image is derived from its history as a stronghold for progressive politics in the United States. Ironically, much of the Bay Area’s growth was spurred by the war economy, but Berkeley has been home to anti-war protests since it became a city. 

As far as fun, the arts scene is booming in Berkeley, and the climate is relatively mild, though college students with a sense of adventure can rest easy knowing that many of CA’s esteemed state parks are a weekend trip away, and skiing and surfing aren’t far either.

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