Kansas City, MO

Kansas City is a quintessential Midwestern City that is directly west of St. Louis, the other big city in Missouri that is on a border (though, with Illinois). More than half a million people call KC home, making it the largest city in Missouri by quite a bit (yes, it’s in Missouri). It also has some southern feel, primarily when discussing the food. Students and permanent residents, alike, flock to the barbeque joints on the weekends, many of which are also entertainment venues and/or places where you can get a nice local brew if you’re of age. 

The largest college is the KC campus of the University of Missouri, but several other colleges call Kansas City home. Here’s a closer look!

Universities in Kansas City, MO – 4-Year Colleges and Online

May 16, 2021 – Kansas City, Missouri, USA: This is one of the busiest intersections on the Campus of the University of Missouri-Kansas City: Volker Campus (UMKC). The spot features a bus stop in front of the long sidewalk that leads to the UMKC welcome center and dining hall. This shot was taken on a wet, overcast spring day when the landscaping was a rich green but empty of students or staff.

Headlining the list of 4-year colleges in Kansas City, MO is the branch campus of the University of Missouri, which is a research college serving more than 16,000 students. DeVry University also has a campus in Kansas City, and City Vision University, Avila University, Calvary University, and Rockhurst University all offer a wide range of 4-year programs. 

There are also 2 nursing colleges in Kansas City, the Research College of Nursing, and Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences that offer medical-related degree programs to students. The Kansas City Art Institute also offers several 4-year degrees related to art and other creative endeavors. 

Community Colleges in Kansas City, MO 

The city’s flagship community college is Metropolitan Community College of Kansas City, which serves almost 14,000 students as of 2022. Additionally, there are a handful of beauty schools in Kansas City that offer 2-year degrees and certification programs, as well as the Pinnacle Career Institute and the WellSpring School of Allied Health. 

Get to Know Kansas City, MO

As the biggest city in Missouri, prospective students can rest assured they’ll have plenty to do when they’re not in class. One of the locals’ favorite things to tell people to see is all of the fountains that are peppered throughout the city, in tune with the rest of the landscape which is visually appealing throughout the majority of Kansas City. 

Jazz music has a lot of roots in KC, as well, and it’s never hard to find some great live music downtown!

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