Las Vegas, NV

One of America’s fastest-growing cities (pop. ~650,000), Las Vegas is no longer just “Sin City” to most who visit and nearly all who call it home. With year-round nice weather, affordable housing, no state income tax, an endless supply of part-time jobs for students, and some pretty nice colleges, Las Vegas is quickly becoming a destination city for students as much as for those looking to hit the Blackjack tables for a weekend. 

The University of Las Vegas’ main campus (regularly called UNLV) is located in Vegas, as well as five other colleges with 4-year programs, and several trade schools. Here’s a closer look!

Universities in Las Vegas – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The flagship university of the entire state, UNLV conducts most of its work within the confines of Las Vegas. The school boasts Division 1 sports teams as well as nationally recognized academic achievements. As Las Vegas is, indeed, one of the most entertainment-heavy cities in the world, many entertainers have gotten their start while attending classes at UNLV, including Guy Fieri, Gina Carano, and Jimmy Kimmel. 

The University of Phoenix-Nevada is located in Las Vegas, too, as are The College of Southern Nevada, Chamberlain University, and Arizona College at Las Vegas, all of which offer 4-year degree programs.

Community Colleges in Las Vegas

There are several certification programs related to the arts in Las Vegas, such as the Academy of Hair Design-Las Vegas, but there are also many trade schools that offer 2-year degrees and associate’s programs, including the Institute of Professional Careers, Northwest Career College, Nevada Career Institute, and a few more focused colleges like Pima Medical Institute. 

Get to Know Las Vegas, NV

Even beyond the borders of the United States, Las Vegas is a well-known city for its uniqueness. It’s in the middle of the desert, for starters, but it’s also a light show 24/7, a melting pot of global cuisine that you can get at any time of the day, and also pretty darn cheap! An underreported aspect of Las Vegas is its proximity to some top-level hiking and even mountain exploration to the north. 

Even though the temptations are aplenty in Las Vegas, most locals will tell you that going and getting wild on The Strip gets old really fast… but they’ll also tell you there is so much more to enjoy about Vegas.

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