Louisville, KY

Louisville is the biggest city in the state of Kentucky and is one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains, having been founded in 1778. Most of Louisville’s national attention comes from the horses at the Kentucky Derby, but there is so much more “The ‘Ville” has to offer. 

Churchill Downs In Louisville, Kentucky with a statue of a horse racer

The population is a touch over 630,000 people, making it the 28th-largest city in the United States. However, no top-tier sports teams call Louisville home. However, the largest college in the city, The University of Louisville, hosts a full gamut of Division 1 sports, and the residents are very passionate about their Cardinals teams. Here’s a closer look at the rest of the college landscape in Kentucky’s biggest city. 

Universities in Louisville, KY – 4-Year Colleges and Online

University of Louisville Kentucky emblem

The University of Louisville campus is sprawling and green, and the 22,000 students who attend certainly have an opportunity for a 4-year traditional college experience with sports, events, concerts, and everything else that comes with attending a large, public university. 

Other 4-year colleges in Louisville include Bellarmine University, Simmons College of Kentucky, Spalding University, Sullivan University, and the healthcare-focused Galen College of Nursing. 

Community Colleges in Louisville, KY

Jefferson Community and Technical College (named after the county) is the primary option for a community college education in Louisville, but ATA College and MedQuest College also offer associate degrees. 

Get to Know Louisville, KY

A very prideful city, Louisville residents are quick to show you around and brag about their growing city. In addition to having a very historic feel, given it was founded in 1778, there are also a lot of modern touches that offer students in any field of study some opportunities for internships and jobs after college. 

Everyone who spends an extended period in Louisville will struggle to avoid the popularity of the horse races, so you might as well become a fan if you decide to go to college in Louisville, Kentucky!

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