Minneapolis, MN

Image of Minneapolis downtown skyline at sunset.

One of the “Twin Cities,” of Minnesota, Minneapolis is the big brother to St. Paul, and takes the title of most populous city in the state, with nearly half a million people. In a relatively conservative midwest region, Minneapolis is considered a legislatively progressive city, and as such, it has a very wide mix of cultural influence, with a little something for everyone, and a very welcoming feel (even when it’s -7 degrees, as it sometimes is).

With the capital of St. Paul in close proximity, the population and government presence makes for several colleges and universities in the area. Here is a look a the ones within the city limits of Minneapolis. 

Universities in Minneapolis, MN – 4-Year Colleges and Online

Augsburg University, Capella University, North Central University, Walden University, and the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus all call Minneapolis home, and all of these colleges and universities offer 4-year programs across a wide range of subjects. 

For a more focused 4-year degree, Minneapolis is also home to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and the Institute of Production and Recording, both of which have several degree options related to the arts. 

Community Colleges in Minneapolis, MN

The primary community college options in Minneapolis are the Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Dunwoody College of Technology. 

Get to Know Minneapolis, MN

The Lowry Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota lit up at night.

We’ll start with the bad, as there isn’t much of it! Minneapolis is very cold in the winter, and if you’re not used to freezing temperatures, it takes a little while to adjust. Other than that, though, Minneapolis has pretty much everything you could want from a college city. There is a nice culture mix, a booming economy that is inviting to new graduates, a popular music scene (especially hip-hop), and acres upon acres of parks and other places to find some respite.

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