Phoenix, AZ

Palm Walk in Arizona State University campus in Tempe.

Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, and it continues to be one of the fastest-growing, eclipsing the 4.71 million person mark for the population in the metro area in 2023. Just two years ago, it was 4.58 million. What brings so many people here? Well, colleges are certainly in no short supply, but the weather and affordability are the major selling points.

Phoenix is in the middle of the desert, but modern amenities make it very easy to get by, even in the dead of summer when temperatures can remain in triple digits for full weeks (recently it broke the record for most consecutive days of 115-degree weather). But truly, and especially in the college areas, the dry heat is very escapable, and for much of the spring and fall, the weather is pretty much perfect. Here is a closer look at the college options in Phoenix. 

Universities in Phoenix, AZ- 4-Year Colleges and Online

With the year-round good weather, Arizona is a big destination for college students and consistently has some of the highest numbers for out-of-state enrollment. But it’s not only the weather, as several schools are held in high esteem, and Phoenix is home to a lot of them. Here are the colleges and universities in Phoenix that offer 4-year degrees:

  • Arizona Board of Regents
  • Arizona State University – Downtown Phoenix
  • Brookline College
  • Chamberlain University – Arizona
  • CollegeAmerica – Phoenix
  • DeVry University – Arizona
  • Grand Canyon University
  • National Paralegal College
  • Ottawa University – Phoenix
  • University of Phoenix – Arizona

Community Colleges in Phoenix, AZ

There are several community college options for students in Phoenix seeking a more affordable education, and they are the South Mountain Community College, Paradise Valley Community College, GateWay Community College, and Gateway Central City.  A few other campuses can be found within the city that offer 2-year degrees, including Fortis College-Phoenix and Phoenix College. 

Get to Know Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ skyline at sunset

If you don’t like the cold, Phoenix is a pretty great spot to escape without having to spend every single penny on rent like some other places with year-round nice weather (Los Angeles, for instance). There are certainly some negatives to living in the middle of the desert, but other landscapes aren’t far, and the opportunity for exploration is nearly endless. 

Camping is done year-round, and several landscapes that are unique to Arizona are a short drive from Phoenix, including The Grand Canyon. 

As far as inside stuff, Phoenix also has a very unique cuisine with a delicious blend of Native American, European, and Hispanic cultures, which also makes for some great live music no matter your preference.

The growing city also has a growing economy, which means the job market is almost as nice as the weather!

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