Texas Colleges

Throughout the 260,000 square miles of land that belongs to Texas there are more than 500 colleges, universities, career colleges, technical schools and community colleges. Many of the colleges in Texas are located throughout the metropolitan areas of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso, but some smaller towns and cities thrive solely due to student populations as well. Texas A & M University and Texas Tech University are two of the most well-known and popular Texas colleges. Top-ranked prestigious Rice University leads the list of private schools while The University of Texas at Austin leads the public school options. The Texas State Technical College System runs four different schools under then name throughout the state. And a long list of 2-year colleges and community colleges provides options to get students started. Each of the main cities the state boast their own system of community colleges as well including Austin Community College and Houston Community College System.

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Texas College and Degree Offerings

The great state of Texas is an educational giant when it comes to options and the potential for higher learning with hundreds of college and university programs to choose from. Many bachelors degree and masters degree students seek an education from one of the public state-run schools. Six of the public colleges in Texas have multiple campuses to choose from making the list of options long and accessible to students throughout the state. The University of Texas for example has 16 locations while Texas A & M University has 12. Students who desire more direct career training from Texas colleges may choose from several community colleges and career colleges offering specialization in computer technology, nursing, fine arts and culinary arts as well as many other fields. Enrolling in a 2-year career training degree or certificate program at one of these schools is a good choice for students looking to enter the workforce quickly and with specific skills.

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Texas Career Opportunities

For Texas residents, every career path is a possibility, from being involved in the Austin arts scene to working for the NASA space program in Houston to opening a private medical practice in Dallas. Texas colleges are equipped to prepare students for work in every career field through a variety of associates degrees, bachelors degrees and masters degree programs. For example, personal care and home health aides are at the top of the list of careers expected to grow the fastest over the next decade making Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training (LPN, LVN, Cert, Dipl, AAS) and Nursing degrees invaluable. Medical support staff including Medical Assistant Professions and Ultrasound Technician professionals are also in high demand. Graduates of colleges in Texas can also find lucrative careers in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement, Corrections and Forensics. Even creative careers in Graphic Design and Photography are viable options for students who want to stay in state.