List of Online College Programs in Connecticut


POPULATION (2021): 3.6 million

CAPITAL: Hartford



Even though Connecticut is one of the smallest states by area, it offers something for pretty much anyone, with beaches, farmland, history, and city life for those residents near the parts of the state that border New York City and Boston. The largest city within the borders of the state is Bridgeport, with about 150,000 people. 

A handful of other cities spread across the state are similar in size and similar in character. One thing they share is a bit of a college feel, with many parks, waterfronts, and things to enjoy. 

Universities in  Connecticut – 4-Year Colleges and Online (Priority Section)

A silver lining to having a small land area is that there is always a college or university close no matter where you call home in the state of Connecticut. Several of the colleges and universities have a lot of clout as educational institutions, with Yale taking the top spot in that category. Several other options exist both in the public and private sectors, and here is a closer look at the universities and colleges in Connecticut. 

Public Universities in Connecticut

The largest public university in Connecticut is the University of Connecticut, with an enrollment of just over 35,000 as of 2020. In addition, there are several locationally named state schools, with Southern Connecticut State and Central Connecticut State each serving more than 10,000 students. Western Connecticut State, Eastern Connecticut State, and Charter Oak State College are the other 4-year public universities in Connecticut.

The federally funded U.S. Coast Guard Academy is also located in Connecticut, though the experience here is much different than in other public colleges. 

Private Universities in Connecticut

Post University is the largest private college in Connecticut by enrollment, but Yale is only a bit smaller, as are Sacred Heart University and Quinnipiac University. Other private universities in Connecticut that offer 4-year degrees are:

  • Connecticut College
  • Goodwin University
  • Trinity College
  • University of Bridgeport
  • University of Hartford
  • University of New Haven
  • Wesleyan University
  • Albert Magnus College
  • Fairfield University
  • University of Saint Joseph

Community Colleges in Connecticut

In addition to several options for 4-year universities in both the public and private sectors, the community college options in Connecticut are also aplenty, and many offer 4-year programs as well. Here is a list of the community colleges in Connecticut:

  • Asnuntuck CC
  • Capital CC
  • Gateway CC
  • Housatonic CC
  • Manchester CC
  • Middlesex CC
  • Naugatuck Valley CC
  • Quinebaug Valley CC
  • Norwalk CC
  • Three Rivers CC
  • Tunxis CC

Prominent Online Colleges in Connecticut

No online school in Connecticut flies high above any of the others, but all of the public universities in Connecticut offers some kind of hybrid program for degrees, with the majority having fully online degrees. The community college system also serves its students’ flexibility needs by offering several courses online, many of which can be taken at the student’s own pace. 

Get to Know Connecticut

Connecticut likes to pride itself on having a little something for everyone and being a great place to raise a family. The latter may not appeal to every college student, but the state’s proximity to all of the big cities in the Northeast means a lot of options for work after college, and many people who attend school here do, indeed, return when it’s time to settle down a little. 

Many of the residents in the southwestern part of the state commute to work in New York City, and the same is true for residents in the northeast and Boston. These areas are quite densely populated, but much of the central part of the state is rolling hills, rivers, and an abundance of plants and wildlife for the outdoorsy types. 

Both secondary and postsecondary education is heralded in the state of Connecticut, and most of the cities offer a bit of a college feel. Chic downtown areas are common in the cities of Connecticut, and arts and music are also popular given the proximity to all the stages that New York and Boston have to offer. 

If you’re not a big fan of the cold, make sure to pack a few extra layers if you plan on attending college in Connecticut. As nice as the ocean is to look at and enjoy in the summer, it also makes for some killer wind in the winter for those students going to college in one of the coastal areas. No matter where you decide to go to college in Connecticut, however, you can rest assured you’ll be met with a welcoming town and a relaxed college atmosphere.

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