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Delaware’s total landmass is a whopping 2,000 square miles, but a lot of those miles are, indeed, along the Atlantic Ocean which can be very welcoming for many college students. Given its small size, however, it does only have 7 colleges in the entire state.  

Universities in Deleware – 4-Year Colleges and Online

2 public universities and 4 private colleges make up the entirety of the collegiate landscape in Delaware, and here is a closer look:

Public Universities in Delaware

The University of Delaware is, by far, the major public university in the state. It’s located in Newark, which is at the northern tip of the state, near Wilmington. Students at the University of Delaware get the luxury of being directly between Baltimore and Philadelphia, two cities with many opportunities in many different industries. 

The only other public 4-year university in Delaware is Delaware State University in the capital of Dover. 

Private Universities in Delaware

Wilmington University is the largest of the 4 private universities in Delaware, and it’s also located in the northern part of the state near Baltimore and Philly. Goldey-Beacom College and the Delaware College of Art and Design round out the options for 4-year universities in Delaware. 

Community Colleges in Delaware

The Delaware Technical Community College system is the primary option for a community college in the state, with 4 different campuses:

  • Dover
  • Georgetown
  • Newark
  • Wilmington

Prominent Online Colleges in Delaware

Both the largest public university and private university in Delaware, U of Delaware and Wilmington University, respectively, offer many online degrees to students in the state. There are also several universities in the neighboring cities of Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia that have online options for students living in Delaware, as well. 

Get to Know Delaware

Delaware will forever have the claim as the first official state of the United States, and with that, there is an abundance of U.S. and colonial history that exists in Delaware. Even though it is one of the smallest states in the country, Delaware still has a little something for everyone. The beach season is pretty short, given the northern latitude, but nonetheless, Delaware is revered for having some of the cleanest and nicest beach cities on the East Coast. Even in the colder months, wrapping up in a coat and taking a walk down one of the many boardwalks the state has to offer can be a great way to relax and reset amidst a grueling finals week or other stressful time for a college student. 

The cost of living varies greatly throughout the state, with the beaches and the cities having higher price tags than the more rural areas. 

The rural areas, however, also have their allure and there is a lot of exploring to be done in the state if you like the outdoors. If you’re more of the indoor type, the beach cities or Dover offer a little more as far as nightlife, live music, food, and other forms of entertainment.

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