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Kansas is about as central as you can get in the United States, and its major universities attract students from all across the country. It is landlocked, but there are several waterways for students to enjoy in the warm months, even if the closest spring break beach is 1,000 miles away. It has a variety of landscapes and shares borders with Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. 

Midwestern charm is very noticeable here, and the people are, indeed, very kind throughout the state. The food is highlighted by the world-famous Kansas BBQ joints, and no matter where you attend college you can rest assured a nice BBQ brisket won’t be far from your dorm. It’s also considered one of the most patriotic states in the country, and July 4th parties in Kansas are unrivaled. 

There are no top-tier sports teams in Kansas in the “big 4” (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB), but locals love their college sports, even if they may not have attended Kansas State, the University of Kansas, or Witchita State (while smaller, they often make a run during March Madness basketball). 

Universities in Kansas – 4-Year Colleges and Online

The three schools mentioned above are the largest 4-year colleges in Kansas, but several other options exist both in the private and public sectors. Here’s a look!

Public Universities in Kansas

Kansas is home to 6 full-service, 4-year universities that receive public funding. The two largest are the University of Kansas in Lawrence, and Kansas State University in Manhattan (not that one). The other four, 4-year public universities in Kansas are Emporia State, Fort Hays State, Pittsburgh State, and the aforementioned Witchita State. 

Private Universities in Kansas

In addition to the public universities that are spread throughout the state, Kansas is also home to a handful of smaller, private universities that offer 4-year degrees. Some are religiously affiliated, and others are focused programs, such as The Art Institute of Kansas City.  

Community Colleges in Kansas

Community colleges are in no short supply in Kansas, and many of them have more students enrolled than the private universities in the state. Offering certificates and 2-year programs, with a growing online community, here are the 5 largest community colleges in Kansas, though there is probably one close to wherever you call home:

  • Johnson County Community College
  • Butler Community College
  • Kansas City Community College
  • Hutchinson Community College
  • Barton County Community College

Prominent Online Colleges in Kansas

All of the public universities offer online courses, many of which can be taken from one of the other state schools if not offered at the one a given student is attending regularly. Online colleges in Kansas offer an affordable alternative to students who don’t want to commute to school, or completely relocate. 

Universities and Colleges in Witchita, KS

Kansas’ biggest city is a bit different than the rest of the state, which takes pride in its rural beauty and countless farms and orchards. It offers students the city life, but at a much more affordable cost than several other midwest cities (and much, much more affordable than coastal cities), but even with the tall buildings and concrete, there is still a cowboy-town feel about Witchita, which gives it a very unique charm. As far as colleges, the public university Wichita State is the largest school in town, but this growing city also has these 4-year universities and colleges:

  • Friends University
  • National American University
  • Newman University

Get to Know Kansas

Students who attend college in Kansas get to experience 4 seasons, all of which offer a little something different. It does get pretty cold in the winter, even though Kansas is considered “the south” by some, and alternatively, it also gets very hot in the summer… luckily the ICEE was invented in Kansas, so cooling down is also something Kansas is very good at. 

Wichita and Topeka are both large enough cities to offer students the full gamut of nightlife and entertainment, and both play host to several festivals in the spring and summer months.

The state is, indeed, very flat, but if you need a mountain fix, head next door to Colorado for spring break in the Rockies!

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