List of Online College Programs in Montana

POPULATION (2021): 1.1 million




Montana is a very large state, but the majority is untouched wilderness, and by population, there are only 7 states with fewer people. This doesn’t mean that Montana doesn’t have colleges and universities that offer students the classic experience. Billings, the largest city in Montana, is home to several universities, but there are several others spread throughout the beautiful, mountainous state. 

Universities in Montana – 4-Year Colleges and Online

There are 13 colleges and universities in Montana that offer 4-year degrees. Only one school, Montana State University, has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students (~15,000), so if you’re looking for a big school experience in Montana, that’s probably the place to do it. Here is a look at the other colleges and universities in Montana. 

Public Universities in Montana

There are 6 public universities in the state of Montana, with the University of Montana the only enrollment rival with the aforementioned Montana State University (as well as sports, arts, and academic competitions). The other public universities in Montana are Montana State-Billings, Montana State-Northern (Havre), Montana Technological University (Butte), and the University of Montana Western (Dillon).

Private Universities in Montana

There are also a handful of private universities for students in Montana, with the largest being Carroll College in the capital of Helena. The other colleges are the University of Providence in Great Falls, Rocky Mountain College in Billings, and Apollos University, also in Great Falls. 

Community Colleges in Montana

Montana State University has a City College campus in Billings that offer 2-year degrees, and 9 other community colleges with campuses across the street. Here they are:

  • Gallatin College Montana State University
  • Great Falls College Montana State University
  • Dawson Community College
  • Flathead Valley Community College
  • Miles Community College
  • Missoula College
  • Helena College University 
  • Highlands College of Montana Tech
  • Bitterroot College

Prominent Online Colleges in Montana

As there aren’t many universities, in general, in Montana, the pickings for online universities are pretty small, as far as those from inside the state. There are always options that serve students across the nation, but as far as in-state universities that offer online degrees in Montana, the University of Providence and Montana State University are regularly ranked as the best schools for online students in Montana. 

Get to Know Montana

In a lot of the country, the cost of living rises with the scenic nature of an area, especially around the coasts. This is not the case in Montana, as the state is inarguably beautiful and inarguably affordable when compared to other states in the country. This combination of low-cost and endless adventure makes Montana a unique choice for college students.

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