List of Online College Programs in Nebraska

POPULATION (2021): 2 million

CAPITAL: Lincoln



The University of Nebraska’s nickname is the Cornhuskers, and the state is The Cornhusker State. This is significant for two reasons, there is a lot of corn in Nebraska, and they love their Nebraska Cornhusker sports. 

In addition to agriculture in the sprawling, rural plains, the city economies in Omaha and Lincoln are both thriving and have a lot of job opportunities for young professionals. Additionally, the cost of living is low, making the state a popular place to relocate after college, for students who get their degrees elsewhere. 

Students who attend college in Nebraska have better opportunities for internships and networking in these growing cities, and here is a look at the rest of the college landscape in Nebraska.

Universities in Nebraska – 4-Year Colleges and Online 

There isn’t an abundance of options for college in Nebraska, but the universities in the state are high-quality, and no matter where you’re at in the state, save the University of Nebraska, the college experience is pretty similar. Relaxed, welcoming, and plenty of places to explore and unwind in the outdoors. 

Public Universities in Nebraska

The University of Nebraska’s main campus at Lincoln is the largest of the U of N schools, but there are two other campuses that offer 4-year degrees: the University of Nebraska at Omaha (15,000 students) and the University of Nebraska at Kerney (6,500 students). The 4 other public universities in Milwaukee are Wayne State College, Chadron State College, Peru State College, and the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture. 

Private Universities in Nebraska

There are a few more colleges spread throughout the state if you’re open to attending a private university. Here is a list of the private colleges and universities in Nebraska… a few sections below will take a closer look at schools in Lincoln and Omaha. 

  • Creighton University (Omaha)
  • Doane University (Crete)
  • Hastings College (Hastings)
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University (Lincoln)
  • Bellevue University (Bellevue)
  • Concordia University (Seward)
  • Midland Univerity (Fremont)
  • Nebraska Methodist College (Omaha)
  • Clarkson College (Omaha)
  • College of Saint Mary (Omaha)
  • Union College (Lincoln)
  • Bryan College of Health Sciences (Lincoln)
  • York College (York)

Community Colleges in Nebraska

The Nebraska Community College System has 8 colleges throughout the state, and a few of them have multiple campuses in the communities they serve. The largest is Southeast Community College which offers 3 campuses to students in and around the capital of Lincoln.

Prominent Online Colleges in Nebraska

The University of Nebraska system offers online programs to all of its students, but students who attend the University of Nebraska at Kerney have a few more options, as this location put made online courses a major focus in the last few years. Concordia and Seward both rank high for online offerings, as far as private universities go. 

Universities in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, which generally means more colleges, and Lincoln is no exception. The largest college in the state is in Lincoln (U of N main campus), and these other 4-year colleges pepper the growing city’s neighborhoods:

  • Bryan College of Health Sciences
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Union College

Universities in Omaha, NE

Lincoln’s cross-state counterpart, and another rapidly growing city, Omaha is home to 6 colleges that offer 4-year degree programs:

  • Clarkson College
  • College of Saint Mary
  • Creighton University
  • Nebraska Methodist College
  • The Creative Center of Omaha
  • U of N – Omaha

Get to Know Nebraska

Nebraska sometimes gets a bad rap for being flat and full of corn, and while it is those things, there are several waterways and other landscapes to keep your eyes excited, especially near the cities of Lincoln and Omaha, where the two largest schools in the state are located, respectively. 

The cost of living is very low, as is the sense of community. However, if you are the loner type, weekends spent outside of the cities usually result in more stars than you’ve ever seen and exploration of some surprisingly beautiful areas. It does get cold in the winter, but arts and a great food scene keep most students entertained when it’s a bit too cold to go outside.

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