List of Online College Programs in Virginia

POPULATION (2021): 8.7 million

CAPITAL: Richmond

Virginia is a populous Eastern state with plenty of coastlines and a relatively low cost of living compared to some of its neighbors to the north. Eight U.S. presidents were born in Virginia, bordering the District of Columbia, so there remains a heavy political influence in northern Virginia. 

Some of this influence affects the college landscape, as several Virginia colleges and universities are touted for their political science programs, but there’s undoubtedly something for everyone looking to attend college in this large state. 

Universities in Virginia – 4-Year Colleges and Online

There are a whopping 97 four-year colleges and universities in Virginia, in addition to more than 100 more places of higher learning. The majority of universities offer some form of hybrid, online education. Here’s a closer look.

Public Universities in Virginia

The University of Virginia, located in Charlottesville, highlights the long list of 4-year, public colleges in Virginia, but there are many more, and the section below will separate them by location.

Norfolk State University, James Madison University, Virginia State, Old Dominion University, and Virginia Commonwealth University are some of the larger schools offering a more traditional college experience. 

Private Universities in Virginia

Private colleges are in no short supply in Virginia, either, with George Washington University, Liberty, Stratford University, the University of Richmond, and Washington and Lee as some examples. The majority of the private universities are in or near the capital city of Richmond, or the Washington, D.C. suburbs that happen to have Virginia addresses. 

Community Colleges in Virginia

The Virginia Community College system is quite robust, just like the 4-year college and university offerings in Virginia. There are 23 campuses in the Virginia Community College system, and all fields of study offer some online alternatives for individuals with busy schedules to be able to learn on their own time. The average cost is about $4,500 per year, and some of the campuses even have some 4-year degree programs!

Prominent Online Colleges in Virginia

Virginia is not home to any fully-online universities, but the vast majority of the public universities have hybrid programs allowing for some to most of a student’s studies to be completed online. As far as private universities in Virginia with online programs, Liberty University and Regent University top the list for fully online program offerings, though almost all of the colleges have some online offerings. 

Universities in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA is home to four, four-year colleges and universities, spread throughout the city, meaning you’re never far from campus. Marymount is a private, Catholic university with four-year programs, and Strayer and Chamberlain Universities also lie within the county. 

DeVry University and The University of Management and Technology are two specialized schools in Arlington that also offer bachelor’s degrees within their respective niches. 

Universities in Lynchburg, VA

The aforementioned Liberty University, pictured here, is the biggest college in Lynchburg, but you can also get a 4-year degree at any of these colleges and universities in Lynchburg:

  • Randolph College
  • University of Lynchburg
  • Virginia University of Lynchburg
  • Centra College of Nursing

Universities in Newport News, VA

With a heavy reliance on industry and shipbuilding, a lot of the jobs in the Newport News area require on-the-job training more than a 4-year degree, however, there is one university in Newport News that offers bachelor’s programs, and that’s Christopher Newport University (not a coincidence).

Universities in Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is still a military town no matter how you spin it, but there are two large colleges in the city, too. Norfolk State University definitely offers a traditional college town feel on and around its campus, and Old Dominion University is a bit smaller, but also is very much a traditional school. These two universities are the only options for 4-year degrees in Norfolk. 

Universities in Richmond, VA

Colleges in Richmond, VA include Virginia Commonwealth University, the University of Richmond, and Virginia State University. Famous alumni include Douglas S. Freeman, Charles Stanley, 2 Chainz, and Gladys Mae West. Popular majors in Richmond are General Psychology, General Business, and General Biological Sciences. 

Universities in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is home to ECPI University, Bryant & Stratton College – Virginia Beach, and Regent University. As the name suggests, a lot of students in this part of the state enjoy their time by the coast.

Get to Know Virginia

In addition to the coast, Virginia has some beautiful rolling hills and a lot of green trees that turn into every color imaginable in the autumn. Virginia is also a very diverse state in the sense that some cities are very prim-and-proper like Vienna, while some are extremely industrial such as Newport News, and others have a counterculture feel like much of Richmond. 

If you’re going to college without fully knowing who you are (which is very normal), Virginia is a great place to meet people from all walks of life and find your path. 

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