Online Architectural Engineer Degree Programs

Architectural Engineers provide an essential — and challenging — service to society by taking on the technical aspects of building structures. A career path in Architectural Engineering requires an extensive journey that ultimately leads to a satisfying career.


What Is a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering?

A bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering is a 5-year degree. Upon completion, graduates will obtain their license and begin their careers in the Architectural Engineering field. 

Unfortunately, there are not currently any online Bachelors in Architectural Engineering programs. The field requires hands-on learning and practical skill acquisition that cannot be adequately taught in a distance format. Because building safety will depend on the quality of education Architectural Engineers receive, it is essential that their learning is closely supervised by faculty in an on-campus setting.

Why choose a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering?

A Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering is a perfect choice for those interested in the technical aspects of construction.

How Much Does a Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering Cost? 

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering varies depending on which program you choose. In-state tuition at a state school can cost about $50,000 for tuition over five years of study. Private universities can charge much more, ranging towards $150,000. The price of books and fees per semester can be several hundred dollars in addition to tuition. A meal plan and housing are not included in this budget.

How Much do Architectural Engineering Majors Make?

The salary of Architectural Engineers varies based on factors such as the field, years of experience, and job description. According to, the median wage for Architectural Engineers is about $65,000.  

What Is the Job Outlook for Bachelor in Architectural Engineering Holders? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for architecture and engineering occupations will grow at about the same rate as the average for all occupations from 2019 to 2029 (about 3%).

Scholarships for Architectural Engineering Majors

Each university has its own set of scholarships available to students. The best way to find out more information is to contact the Financial Aid office directly

FAQs: Online Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering

Summary Information

  • A Bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering takes five years to complete
  • There are no online program options at this time

  • Prepares students to obtain their Architectural Engineering license
  • Starting salary is around $65,000
  • Can be completed in 5 years

  • Tuition for the best online x-ray technician programs is highly variable
  • Programs can cost as little as $4,000
  • Many industry groups and schools offer scholarships to help pay for programs like this 
  • Program costs are highly variable
  • In-state tuition can be as low as $50,000 for five years
  • Private universities can cost as much as $150,000
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