Online Cosmetology Beauty Degree Programs

Do you have a passion for creating beautiful and original looks with the the transformative effects of cosmetics? Makeup programs can prepare you for a broad range of professional settings, from avant-garde catwalks and photo shoots to theater and movie sets. 

Programs include short (1-2 year) certification workshops, associate degree programs, and offerings from career colleges and specialized universities. Discover the best online makeup programs that can elevate your skills to prepare you for an exciting and creative career. 


Choosing a Make-Up Artist/Specialist School

It is essential to consider the specific skills you’ll learn before deciding on a technical school, career college, or university. For example, will you gain cosmetology-based or theatrical-based skills? Additionally, you can learn more about a school by checking out the professional standing and career experience of instructors and graduates.

Make-Up Artist/Specialist Degree Programs

Learners can complete make-up artist/specialist programs within one to two years with a technical school, career college, or university, culminating with a certificate or associate’s degree. Course curriculum might include makeup application, color theory, sales, professional ethics, air-brushing, wedding make-up, beauty psychology, corrective makeup, application of prosthetics, tattoos for film, and live performance makeup.

High School Preparation

Learners can gain a head start in their make-up career starting as early as high school. Some avenues for practical experience include makeup for a school’s drama club or assisting makeup artists in local theater. Prospective makeup specialists should also consider part-time positions at beauty salons or makeup counters. In school, standard subjects such as art, art history, and design courses offer valuable insights into color theory and style trends through the ages.

Popular Careers in the Field of Make-Up Artist/Specialist

While the field of makeup artistry is expected to grow, make-up artist/specialist majors should prepare for a fairly competitive job market. Entry-level positions in beauty salons are abundant, and hourly wages at personal care services businesses average about $17. High-end establishments can significantly improve learning potential but positions at such establishments are more difficult to attain and usually require some level of relevant industry experience.

Theater and special effects makeup artistry is another highly competitive field for make-up artist/specialist degree graduates. These positions are extremely popular due to the glamor and prestige associated with working on television, movie, and stage sets. Graduates usually base themselves in New York and Los Angeles, where wages are typically higher than the national average.

Many make-up artist/specialist majors progress toward being self-employed in their careers. Some graduates may start their own makeup line while others may affiliate themselves with leading brands in the fashion world.

Find Schools Offering Make-Up Artist/Specialist Degree Programs. If you are interested in fashion and beauty, you might also consider other cosmetology majors such as barbering, hairstyling, cosmetology, nail technology, electrolysis, skincare, facial treatment, and laser therapy.

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