Arts for Life!

Apply Overview

Minimum Average Maximum
Award Amount $ 1,000 - $ 2,000

Application Deadline Postmarked on or before February 1, 2016

Type of Award Scholarship


The Arts for Life! has an average application process compared to similar scholarships. It may require an essay or interview to apply.

More Info Needed
Unfortunately, the Competition level for the Arts for Life! couldn't be determined based on the information provided.

Scholarship Criteria

A committee of judges for each of the five disciplines, comprised of respected experts, reviews and scores the students’ essays and work samples. Students with the top scores in each discipline are awarded a scholarship. Winning seniors will be notified in the Spring of 2016.

Contact Information

P.O. Box 10691
Tallahassee, FL 32302
Phone: (850) 345-6284

Scholarship Questions and Answers

Separate application required?

Award must be repaid?

Award is renewable?

Award is granted yearly?

How much is this scholarship worth?

The Arts for Life! awards a minimum of $1000. Our Scholarship Search can help you find other scholarships of at least $1000.