APEGNB Entrance Scholarship

Apply Overview

Minimum Average Maximum
Award Amount - $2,000 -
Awards Granted - - 2

Application Deadline March 1 (Priority)

Type of Award Scholarship


More Info Needed
Unfortunately, the Application Difficulty for the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship couldn't be determined based on the information provided.

The APEGNB Entrance Scholarship is competitive compared to similar scholarships.

Scholarship Criteria

Applicant must graduate from a New Brunswick high school. Selection is based upon scholastic attainment and financial need.

Requirements for the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship




Contact Information

Cindy M. Flann
Phone: (506) 453-4599
Fax: (506) 453-4572
Email: finserv@unb.ca

Scholarship Questions and Answers

Separate application required?

Award must be repaid?

Award is renewable?

Award is granted yearly?

How much money does the this award give out?

The APEGNB Entrance Scholarship gives out $2000 on average. The most you can get from the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship is $2000, while the minimum award is $2000. Use our Scholarship Search to search for more awards of around $2000.

How many awards are given out?

At most, the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship is awarded to 2 yearly.

What are some additonal Engineering awards that I can apply to?

Other Engineering awards include A.I. Johnson Engineering Scholarship, Hardaway Foundation Scholarship and Illinois Institute of Technology/SAE Engineering Scholarship. See a list of all Engineering awards.

Who provides funding for the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship?

Funding for the APEGNB Entrance Scholarship comes from: University of New Brunswick Fredericton, NB Canada (P) (506) 453-4599 (F) (506) 453-4572 finserv@unb.ca http://www.unb.ca