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Minimum Average Maximum
Award Amount - $ 1,000 -

Application Deadline Christopher Simon Attorney at Law, located in Atlanta, GA is offering a $1000 scholarship to one incoming 1L or currently enrolled law school student. This scholarship is offered for the Fall 2018 academic semester. Eligible students must submit their applications by email to the following email address by due date. Late applications will not be considered.

Type of Award Scholarship


The CHRISTOPHER SIMON ATTORNEY AT LAW SCHOLARSHIP has an easy application process compared to similar scholarships. It might not require extensive essays or interviews.

More Info Needed
Unfortunately, the Competition level for the CHRISTOPHER SIMON ATTORNEY AT LAW SCHOLARSHIP couldn't be determined based on the information provided.

Scholarship Criteria

You are an injury trial lawyer who has negotiated a $250,000 settlement stemming from a car accident with a broken leg and surgery for your client. Your client had health insurance and they paid out $90,000 for medical care and are an ERISA self-funded plan and demand reimbursement. Your attorneys fees were 40% of the gross. The case is about to be dismissed by agreement and the funds dispersed. Read and write a 500 word essay on what dangers your client faces and what the best plan is to protect them.

Scholarship Questions and Answers

Separate application required?

Award must be repaid?

Award is renewable?

Award is granted yearly?

How much can I receive for this scholarship?

The maximum amount of the CHRISTOPHER SIMON ATTORNEY AT LAW SCHOLARSHIP is $1000, but it awards $1000 on average. The least you can get from the CHRISTOPHER SIMON ATTORNEY AT LAW SCHOLARSHIP is $1000. To find more scholarships that give at least $1000, visit our Scholarship Search.