Types of Art Certificate Programs

Learn about different types of art career training.

An art certificate can be a great addition to your resume and could start you off on a more creative career path.

Art can be a lucrative pursuit if you market yourself correctly. With our society’s reliance on the internet, television, films and new media, there is room for artists, designers and other visionaries to make their mark in the media.

If you have a knack for decorating and design, you could have a career in interior design.

Get an art certificate to start your career in under one year.

Design Certificates

If you have a knack for decorating and design, you could have a career in interior design. An interior design certificate program teaches you how to enhance architectural spaces such as homes, businesses and public spaces.

Are you more technically inclined, but still have an eye for design? Try your hand at a web design certificate program where you can learn how to design, code and maintain websites. Because many consumers use the internet to find products and information, most companies today make room for a website in their budget.

Animation Certificates

When you watched cartoons as a child, did you sit there wondering how they were made? Today animation is not just for children. It can be used in adult television shows, feature films, websites, video games and more.

In an animation and video graphics certificate program, you learn how to create content appropriate for a variety of entertainment mediums. If you have a specific type of media that you are interested in, pursue a specialized subject such as a graphic design certificate.

Film and Video Certificates

In a film and video production certificate program, you learn how to collaborate with a production crew and properly use the equipment.

Students pursue this certificate for a variety of reasons. You might have always known that you’ve wanted to be a filmmaker. Or, you could already have a job and wish to incorporate your new video production skills into a project for your company.

If you are interested in working in film and video production, but aren’t interested in the technical side of the industry, consider earning a make-up artist/specialist certificate.

Photography Certificates

If you have an eye for perfectly capturing a moment, you could get a photography certificate. Photographers are needed for many types of events including weddings, news stories, special events, graduations. Because of technological advances, photographers are also needed to help web designers and graphic designers.

In a photography certificate program, you learn the basics how to operate a camera to get a proper exposure. In addition, you will begin to explore your creativity with the camera.

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