Associate’s Degrees in Education

Find out your education degree options at the associate’s degree level.

You can turn your passion for education and love for learning into a career by earning your associate’s degree in education.

Whether you want to teach early childhood, elementary, or work as a daycare provider, an associate’s degree in education is a good first step to starting your career.

Associate’s Degree in Education Curriculum

There are a few specialties you may major in with an associate’s degrees in education. The most popular programs include an associate’s degree in early childhood education, paraprofessional education, and elementary education. The curriculum of these programs will vary based on the specialization, but there are core courses that most education associate’s degree programs will have.

Here is a sample of courses you may complete:

Educational psychology
Technology in education
Diversity in the classroom

Most programs also include a practicum, in which students have the chance to observe and participate in classes on a daily basis in the type of school they plan on working in. This gives them real-world experience in teaching students and allows them a taste of what their careers will be like after graduation.

Enrolling in an online associate’s degree program in education is also a great option if your schedule won’t allow you to attend an on-campus associate’s program. When researching online programs, be sure that the program includes all the prerequisites you will need to complete your licensure examination, if your goal is to become a licensed teacher.

Teacher Requirements

All states require teachers to have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to pursue licensure. This means that if you plan on having a teaching career, you will need to continue on to a bachelor’s degree program after earning your associate’s degree.

However, an associate’s degree in education will equip you with the skills necessary to take an entry-level position in education after graduation. This will give you the chance to gain hands-on experience in your field for a few years, or continue onto your bachelor’s program.

Earning an associate’s degree before pursuing a bachelor’s is cost effective. Programs are offered at a community college and last two years so you are able to complete your core bachelor’s degree courses at a cheaper cost, and then transfer to a more expensive four-year public or private college.

Also, getting your associate’s degree in education first may give you a leg up in getting accepted to a more prestigious four-year university. Many four-year colleges see associate’s degree graduates as being more responsible than their undergraduate counterparts who haven’t completed any college. They are proven to be more dedicated to their studies and are generally more mature. For this reason, they are eager to accept students with associate’s degrees.

Associate’s Degree in Education Jobs

There are a few jobs in education that require only a high school diploma. These are the jobs that will be available to you after earning your associate’s degree. However, your chances of gaining a job with a degree are higher than with only a high school diploma. Hiring employees with some form of higher education is quickly becoming the trend.

After graduation you may get a job as a:

Teacher’s Aide
Pre School Teacher
Childcare Worker

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