10 Largest Colleges in Florida

Great weather and colleges at reasonable prices make Florida every student’s dream.

With sunny skies and warm weather almost year-round, Florida’s college campuses are exceptionally beautiful and full of active students. From community colleges with great credentials to a number of different public research universities, there’s a college for everyone in the Sunshine State.

Members of both the Backstreet Boys and *NSync attended the Valencia Community College music department.

10. Nova Southeastern University

Type of College: Private

Enrollment: 28,457

Cost: $23,850

Best Programs: Business and Marketing, Health Professions, Biology, Psychology

Fun Fact: Nova Southeastern University’s College of Allied Health and Sciences is the top producer of physician assistants and the law school was ranked seventh best in the nation for minorities.

9. Florida Atlantic University

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 29,290

Cost: In-state: $200 per credit, Out-of-state: $718 per credit

Best Programs: Business and Marketing, Education, Social Sciences. Florida Atlantic University also has centers of excellence in Biomedical and Marine Biotechnology and Ocean Energy Technology.

Fun Fact: In 2010, it was designated as one of three centers for ocean energy research and development by the U.S. Department of Energy.

8. Broward College

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 31,730

Cost: In-state: $104 per credit, Out-of-state: $359 per credit

Best Programs: Nursing, Information Technology, Education

Fun Fact: Rock musician Marilyn Manson attended Broward College.

7. Valencia Community College

Type of College: Community college

Enrollment: 35,351

Cost: In-state: $2,377, Out-of-state: $9,005

Best Programs: Film Production, Music

Fun Fact: Members of both the Backstreet Boys and *NSync attended the Valencia Community College music department.

6. Florida State University

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 41,710

Cost: In-state: $6,403, Out-of-state: $21,569

Best Programs: Business and Marketing, Social Sciences, Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences

Fun Fact: Notable alumni of Florida State University include Burt Reynolds, members of the New York Yankees and over twenty current and former generals and admirals in the U.S. military.

5. University of South Florida

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 47,122

Cost: In-state: $155 per credit, Out-of-state: $486 per credit

Best Programs: Business and Marketing, Social Sciences, Biology, and Psychology

Fun Fact: The University of South Florida is a public university with a focus on research, and is ranked ninth in the world among universities for number of U.S. patents granted. USF is one of the country’s top research centers in Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

4. Florida International University

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 47,966

Cost: In-state: $202 per credit, Out-of-state: $615 per credit

Best Programs: Business, Psychology, Social Sciences, and Education

Fun fact: The Florida International University Drumline takes part in parades, commercials, TV shows and even appeared in a Nelly music video in 2011.

3. University of Florida

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 49,589

Cost: In-state: $6,170, Out-of-state: $28,448

Best Programs: Biological Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, and Industrial Engineering

Fun Fact: The University of Florida Gators have won three NCAA Football BCS National Championships.

2. University of Central Florida

Type of College: Public

Enrollment: 58,698

Cost: In-state: $208 per credit, Out-of-state: $745 per credit

Best Programs: Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Speech Pathology, and Public Administration

Fun Fact: University of Central Florida is located only 35 miles away from the Kennedy Space Center and originally opened to provide support personnel for the shuttle launch site.

1. Miami Dade College

Type of College: Community college

Enrollment: Over 174,000 students over eight campuses

Cost: Two-year In-state: $83 per credit, Two-year Out-of-state: $331 per credit; Four-year In-state: $92 per credit, Four-year Out-of-state: $449 per credit.

Best Programs: Education, Security and Protective Services, and Health Professions

Fun fact: Several Major League Baseball players including former catcher Mike Piazza graduated from Miami Dade College.

Quick Facts:

  • Florida is a hotbed for college football with six of the colleges listed playing in NCAA D-I.
  • Government work, real estate, agriculture, mining and military are all top industries in Florida for those looking for employment.
  • Florida does not impose a personal income tax on residents.
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