Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Graduate School

A few tips to help choose the graduate program that’s right for you. Photo: Thinkstock Whether you are coming up to your senior year of your undergraduate education, or just in need of a career change, you might be considering graduate school. During times of economic struggle, many people find it a valuable investment in their …

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What is Class Rank?

Find out how important class rank is for college admissions. High school students headed to college know about the basic standards for getting in: grades and test scores. But there are other factors that college admissions boards may look at, like class rank. Although class rank is mentioned during the quest for college admissions, many …

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What are General Education Requirements?

All colleges require some sort of distribution requirements or core curriculum. Explore this kind of coursework and why it exists. Photo: Thinkstock Distribution Requirements. Core Curriculum. General Education. Maybe you just call it GE for short. Whatever your college labels it, GE is the group of broad, entry-level classes to satisfy a university’s standard for …

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5 Top Agriculture Scholarships

Agriculture scholarships are provided by the USDA as well as many national food companies. Each year, the National Corn Growers Association offers five college students $1,000 to fund their agriculture education. Affording a college education can be difficult. With tuition prices increasing annually, scholarships are an excellent way to supplement your cash flow. Of course, at times …

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6 Most Common Continuing Education Programs

See which classes are most popular among adult students going back to school. Continuing education courses (classes you go back to school to take as an adult) are cropping up all over the place, and some programs have attracted thousands of students. Wondering what you’ll learn in these popular continuing education classes? Check out this …

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6 Biggest Colleges in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has outstanding programs for students interested in many fields like nursing, business and education. Many know Oklahoma as “The Sooner state,” home to settlers of the Midwest. Yet Oklahoma is much more than just the Sooner state. Whether you’re an Oklahoma native, or someone who’s always wanted to live in the Great Plains, Oklahoma offers …

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