Types of Social Services Certificate Programs

Learn about different types of social services career training.

Do you daydream about a career fighting for social justice?

Getting a social work certificate can help you get an entry-level position in a nonprofit or government organization. If you already have a bachelors degree or masters degree in social work or a related field, a certificate can increase your knowledge and help you advance in your career.

Internships will give you hands-on experience in the social service field.

Social Work Certificates

To get a social work certificate, you have to earn at least a bachelors degree first. These programs prepare students for careers working with government and community services. Students learn public policy, sociology, human services and cultural diversity.

There are also many post-masters certificate programs for working professionals who have earned a masters degree in social work (MSW). These certificate programs are more advanced and help social workers specialize in an age group, such as youth or the elderly, or type of social work, such as substance abuse.

Youth Services Certificates

Children really are the future, and they are in need of compassionate adults to lead their service organizations.

In a youth services certificate program, you are trained to help promote positive development in children and teenagers. You could work in a variety of settings including after-school programs, counseling services, group home or libraries.

In this certificate program, you take courses such as youth development, organizational leadership, sociology and psychology. Although it is not necessary, it is beneficial to choose a program that includes an internship. This will give you hands-on experience in the field, which is desirable to future employers.

Public Policy and Public Administration Certificates

The study of public policy applies social sciences to government actions. For this reason, many public policy certificates are geared toward masters degree students and working professionals. You may work in a related field and need to brush up on public policy in regards to your work. Or, you might earn your certificate at the same time as you are enrolled in a masters degree in another field.

If you are interested in public policy, but do not have a degree, you should consider earning a public administration certificate. People who can benefit from this certificate include managers who are interested in working for a government or nonprofit organization and aspiring public administrators. Coursework may include public budgeting, public policy and public health administration.

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