Do Colleges Have School Dances?

High school dances are common, but are there colleges and universities that have school dances as well?

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Homecoming, winter balls, spring flings and the prom are among the most fun events in high school. As high school comes to an end, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to go to dances in college.

There’s no denying that college is a time to party. Hollywood movies in the vein of “Animal House” often depict huge college parties, usually hosted by fraternities and sororities.

These scenes are not too far from the truth. Most college dances are hosted by Greek societies, but there also might be some college-sponsored dances to attend as well.

College Galas

With all the wild unchaperoned parties across campus, it comes as no surprise that some colleges have a difficult time getting a high attendance rate at their dances.

To make college dances more appealing to students, some colleges offer entertainment that you can’t get at a college party.

A school with a thriving cultural department, Wyoming Catholic College, hosts formal dances four times a year. These are partners-only dances, and students participate in professional dancing lessons in swing, waltz, polka, two-step and line dancing.

May Ball

This is the best of the best of school dances. Study abroad at any of the colleges at the University of Cambridge, and you have the chance to attend the school dance of a lifetime.

The week after finals are completed, the students at the University of Cambridge are treated to an end-of-the-semester gala. Students dressed to the max (white tie is required at Magdalene College) dance and drink the night away in celebration of surviving another semester.

Each college goes to great lengths to throw a memorable celebration, booking famous entertainers and promising endless champagne.

Queens College invited promising up-and-coming comedian Josh Widdicombe along with musical acts the Bombay Bicycle Club, Alex Clare and DJ Breakage to entertain students.

Some colleges are notorious for their elaborate themes. Clare College’s 2011 May Ball was themed “Curious and Curiouser” and was decorated with “Alice in Wonderland” characters.

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