College Scheduling: Night and Weekend Classes

Adult students need more flexibility when creating their academic schedule.

Unlike traditional college students, adult students must carefully plan their college schedules around their responsibilities.

Families, jobs, and community duties make it difficult for adult students to take their classes at traditional times.

Luckily however, most community colleges and many technical and career colleges offer flexible scheduling through night courses and weekend classes.

Are You Ready for Night or Weekend Classes?

The first step in course scheduling is to determine whether or not you can succeed in school while taking weekend or night courses on top of a full-time job or family responsibilities. This requires an intense dedication, so that you can maintain a level of motivation that will see you through night or evening classes after a long day at work or with your family.

While this option may not suit everyone, many students find that busy schedules actually benefit their organization and planning skills. Adult students who develop a routine and stick to it have less of a problem sustaining motivation, than students that wait until deadline to complete assignments.

Where to Take Night or Weekend College Classes

Most four-year colleges and universities offer the majority of their courses during the day, and only offer a handful of weekend or evening courses. But, when choosing which type of school to attend, don’t eliminate all four-year institutions right away. Depending on the program, some four-year colleges do offer night or weekend programs. Check your prospective colleges’ websites to be sure.

Community and technical colleges are often designed specifically to cater to adult students. These types of schools often have a variety of programs with many different scheduling options. Keep in mind that even at these colleges, night and weekend courses are limited because students only take one or two classes per week. It’s always best to register early so that you get into classes that fit your schedule.

Nights or Weekends: Which Fits Your Schedule?

Weekend courses have become more and more popular for adult learners. Weekend classes can optimize your time and are tailored for early risers who learn best in the morning. All-weekend programs are also great for students with unpredictable work schedules, but can be difficult for regular students who have other obligations, like chores, events, and family responsibilities that fall on weekends.

Night classes can be great for students who have busy weekend schedules and can handle sitting in class after a busy day at work. They can also be convenient to those who have a college option near their workplace.

Many students find that in order to get the most out of their education, a mix of both weekend and night classes will best suit their needs. For example, a student might find it most manageable to take one class during the week and one class on Saturday. This can give ample time to prepare for both classes, and still have the educational variety that keeps coursework new and challenging.

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