20 Top Questions to Ask a College

What to ask during your college search to help you find the school of your dreams.

All colleges and universities have their own enrollment process, campus lifestyle, teaching style and reputation. So how do you know which college is right for you? The best way is to ask the right questions and to use the answers you receive to narrow down your choices between schools.

Remember, the school you choose not only affects the education you receive, it can set you down the path toward success for an advanced degrees or careers you embark on after college.

Many of the answers to common questions about schools can be answered simply by requesting information from the school using our School Information Request Form.

Top 20 Questions to Ask Colleges

1. How many students apply each year to the school, and how many are accepted? (This stat should also be available on the school’s website.)

2. What are the average grade point average (GPA), ACT and/or SAT scores for students accepted?

3. Does the college look at each ACT or SAT test separately or can students submit scores from different test dates, such as the math score from an SAT test taken in July and a critical reading score from a September SAT test?

4. Does the school give academic credit for AP/IB high school courses?

5. Are freshman courses taught by professors or teaching assistants?

6. What is the teacher to student ratio?

7. When is it necessary to declare a major?

8. What are the academic requirements for my degree program or major?

9. What percentage of students graduate in four years? And how many go on to complete a master’s degree?

10. What is the average school class size in the programs I’m interested in?

11. What teaching methods are used for my degree program (lecture, group discussion, fieldwork, etc.)?

12. What are the student body demographics?

13. What percentage of college students live on-campus in dorms versus off-campus in apartments?

14. What percentage of the student body belongs to the Greek system?

15. How much did the cost of room and board, tuition and fees go up from last year?

16. What are the deadlines for admissions and financial aid applications?

17. Can I apply to the school early decision or early action?

18. When is my admission status decided, and when will I be notified?

19. What percentage of students receive financial aid at the college?

20. What kind of job placement programs are available for students?

Do you have more questions?

Speaking with an admissions officer at the university is a great way to find college information. However, many of the answers to common questions about schools can be answered simply by requesting information from the school using our School Information Request Form.

When you’ve found a school on Campus Explorer that you want to know more about, use the form at the top right of the page to request more information and get info on topics like: college admissions, applications, financial aid (for those who qualify), expenses, degree programs, course schedules and much more.

Note: Applying to a community college or distance learning program? Not all of these questions will apply to students pursuing associates degrees or online degrees.

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