Getting Scholarships for App Development Studies

Your priority as an aspiring computer software engineer and app developer may be to build a successful app. But today’s app projects encounter such dynamic challenges that were unthinkable just a couple of years ago. The fast-evolving technology landscape draws the dividing line between the success and failure of most app projects. The deciding factor for new success stories in the app universe will be how well the developers can accommodate new technologies, design and development trends, and create new user experience benchmarks. 

This is why, instead of running behind quick success, many developers now want to showcase their strengths with app development projects to the world’s best tech minds. These highly acclaimed scholarship programs offered by U.S. universities and tech institutions can help cement your stature as a leading developer of the future. Most importantly, these programs can serve as the ground for your first app to take off. 

Getting scholarships in app development studies from U.S. universities and leading tech institutions is not difficult if you know the requirements, where you can apply, and how to apply. IndianAppDevelopers is a leading outsourcing mobile app development company with years of experience and exposure across all sorts of app projects. Over the years, the company has played a great role in nourishing a rich pool of aspirants and turning them into successful developers. Here from IndianAppDevelopers, we will provide a comprehensive guide on getting such scholarships. 

The Process of Applying for a Scholarship in Mobile App Development 

If you want to apply for the scholarship program in app development, you first need to have a clear idea about the programs you are applying for. You should know all the particular details corresponding to these programs. Know the selection criteria, the focus and objective of every scholarship program, the skills and expertise these programs focus upon, and the development skills these programs want to nourish. 

Most importantly, the candidates should have a clear understanding of the process of applying for each scholarship program and the eligibility criteria they should meet. The application process varies from one program to the other, and you need to give attention to the particular requirements and standards for the application to be eligible for consideration. 

The most important aspects of applying for a scholarship program in app development and the corresponding process include the following aspects.

  • Go to the respective web page of the respective scholarship program and understand the offerings, eligibility criteria, and the step by step process for applying. 
  • Every app development scholarship program has its target audience, such as diverse groups based on ethnic minority status, gender, or economic backwardness. So, it is important to know whether you fit this requirement. 
  • Understand the particular development skills or the streams of education that you should have thorough command upon. 
  • Once you have gone through the eligibility criteria and made sure that your candidature fits the requirements, it is time to know the documents you need to provide along with the filled-up application form. Again, this can vary from one scholarship program to the other, and you should give attention to this accordingly. 
  • When filling up the form and providing details about your project, do not forget to mention your achievements and all the required details of the completed projects. After filling up the form and writing on your project, always cross-check to make sure you have provided all required information. 
  • The last advice is to avoid showcasing skills that you are not fully versed with. Only give details of the skills that you have full command of. 
  • Some scholarship programs require the candidates to submit answers to questions corresponding to STEM disciplines or computing science. Make sure you are fully prepared to go through these tests. 

Applying for scholarship programs in mobile app development may appear to be simple. Still, there are several instances where the application forms are rejected just because of not fulfilling the requirements. When you have decided to apply for one scholarship program, you should always give your best to meet all its requirements, starting from the application form to documentation to the selection tests. 

Common Selection Criteria for Most App Development Scholarship Programs 

Every mobile app development scholarship program has its own set of criteria for selecting the right candidates. Most scholarship programs rely on a judging panel consisting of several expert Android and iOS app developers. This panel of expert developers is responsible for evaluating the apps submitted by the candidates. Apart from the quality of the submitted apps, such scholarship programs also have other eligibility criteria: educational qualification, background, and exposure to app development projects.

In this respect, it is advisable to remember that the harder the criteria set by a scholarship program, the higher the rewards, recognition, and exposure the eligible candidates should receive. So, aim for the higher and try to get selected by the world’s most reputed scholarship programs. 

Though the eligibility and selection criteria vary from one scholarship program to another, some common criteria and terms and conditions remain almost the same across these programs. 

  • The principal selection criteria focus on the submitted app project’s design, code, usefulness, and relevance. 
  • Most scholarship programs in app development offer only a one-time reward, though few others have a commitment for incremental payout. 
  • Apart from evaluating the submitted app project, the selection process will also check educational qualification, experience, exposure, and previous development projects. 
  • Any application having issues corresponding to plagiarism or copyright breaches is going to be right away. 
  • The scholarship program authority is likely to retain the rights to announce the selected candidates’ names, photographs, and awarded project details. 
  • The scholarship authority provides full protection to users’ personal information and does not publish the address, contact details, and personal documents in public domains. 

What are the Major App Development Scholarship Programs in the U.S.? 

Mobile apps run billions of lives, and app development as a creative tech science has gone from strength to strength. No wonder many leading universities and tech institutions now offer scholarship programs and expert-run curriculums in mobile app development studies. 

While these scholarship programs may differ from one another in terms of requirements, scholarship money, and future scope of career opportunities, all of them can land you on your deserving developer career. This is why it is important to have a closer look at some of the most popular scholarship programs in the U.S. in mobile app development studies. 

WWDC Scholarship from Apple

With its relentless focus on recognizing the developer talents and providing them with a platform to pursue their ambitious projects, Apple comes with the WWDC Student Scholarship program. The scholarship is awarded to 200 deserving candidates. The program requires the applicant to be at least 18 years of age and registered as a developer with the Apple developer’s program.

The candidates applying for this program need to be enrolled in a course to learn iOS app development fundamentals. They can enroll either on a full-time or part-time basis, and they need to learn to build a native iOS app programmed with Objective-C, Xcode 5.1, and the iOs 7.1 SDK. For the app project, applicants are only permitted to use content in the English language. 

The app submissions for this scholarship program will be evaluated based on technical achievements, developers’ work experience, and exploration of creative ideas. Since your work is going to be evaluated by the accomplished iOS experts at Apple, the program will provide you unmatched exposure.

Code Fellows Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship offers easier selection criteria and can be applied by anyone from non-general or diverse backgrounds such as women, minorities, or veterans. The program’s basic criteria are that you have to be enrolled in any of the selected courses offered by Code Fellows to apply for the scholarship. 

Some of these courses are in mobile app development and are pretty much suitable for most aspirants. There is also a course on Advanced iOS App Development.

Salesforce App Development Scholarship

This widely acclaimed scholarship program offered by one of the world’s most respected enterprise solution providers is only for students enrolled in any U.S. college. The Salesforce App Development Scholarship is offered annually with a reward of $1,000, and the program can be accessed and applied from The program is particularly created to encourage aspiring developers with a strong interest and command of the app development business. 

Other criteria for getting selected in this program include 18+ years of age, U.S. legal residential status, attendance in any graduate or undergraduate programs in technology streams or computer science, and good academic results. Through this program, aspiring developers can sharpen their skills in enterprise app development and related technologies.

Mobile Makers Academy Diversity Scholarships

This is another scholarship program in app development that focuses on representing diverse people having less exposure to the tech world. The Mobile Makers Academy Diversity Scholarships offers $1,000 rewards annually to provide financial assistance to female students who are aspiring to make a career in app development. 

Apart from the primary criteria of being a female student, other aspirants who can apply for this scholarship program include U.S. military veterans, people from ethnic minorities such as Native American, African American, Latin American, descendants of Pacific Islanders, etc. The selected candidates must take part in a boot camp workshop for eight weeks. The boot camp sessions are held in San Francisco, Chicago, or the web. The boot camp session mainly focuses on developing iPhones, and industry experts and experienced developers provide iPad apps and hands-on training.

Samsung Mobile App Academy Scholarships

This summertime scholarship from Samsung Mobile App Academy is known for its wider coverage as it is offered across 10 states all over the U.S. Unlike other scholarship programs on the list, this one mainly imparts training to high school students who aspire to make a software and mobile app development career. 

The eligibility criteria are pretty simple and achievable. The candidates should attend at least two classes in STEM honors streams and achieve a cumulative aggregate of 3.0. The candidates must be living within a radius of 60 miles from and around the location of the Samsung Academy. After completing the curriculum, all the eligible candidates will be subjected to a lucky draw to select 3 fortunate winners who will be rewarded respectively $5,000, $10,000, and $20,000 to pursue higher studies in mobile computing and app development.

Key Benefits of Getting Scholarship in Mobile Application Development 

When you get a scholarship in mobile app development from a reputed institution, you secure the same by competing with several developers with their finished scholarship app projects. So, this comes as a validation of the excellent effort you put into an app project. But of course, there are several other benefits. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • The achievement of winning a scholarship will cement your career aspiration with a burst of confidence to propel your developer career further. 
  • The monetary rewards of several thousand U.S. dollars will make you financially independent to pursue your tech studies. 
  • Many scholarship programs in app development will interest your scholarship app project and help you develop it further as a successful commercial product. Thus a scholarship program can turn you into a successful developer in no time. 
  • Another major advantage of these U.S. scholarship programs in app development is the opportunity to get exposure to the world’s most well-known tech minds and accomplished app developers.


There are several other scholarship programs in app development that we could not fully explore here in this blog post. Thanks to these programs and curriculums, many ordinary people from all walks of life are getting encouragement to make their formal entry into the app development world.

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