20+ Awesome Internships for High School Students in Summer 2024

As a student, you’ll gain valuable, practical work experience while participating in summer internships for high schoolers. You’ll get experience and knowledge in your primary field or career interest. You’ll also learn new skills, explore career options, and enhance your career potential. Employers also benefit from internships. You can introduce new ideas and enthusiasm into the workplace as an intern.

What Are Internships? 

In a professional career field, summer internships for high schoolers are essentially introductions to the world of work experiences. Sometimes, your work may be unpaid, but paid intern opportunities are also possible. So you’re performing functional work for experience, but you’re also gaining insight and experience in the field and gaining experience in it. 

You may wait to contribute to hands-on laboratory work as a research lab intern. In the beginning, you may clean the lab and enter data into spreadsheets. Despite the tedious nation of many internships, you’ll also meet professionals who work in the workplace. You’ll also understand what it means to fulfill specific roles. Summer internships for high schoolers may give you a better idea of whether a career in that field interests you. 

As you move forward in your search for summer internships for high schoolers or accept intern positions, understand the expectations before committing to an internship. Find out the time commitment, but also ask about the responsibilities, length of the program, and any perks, credit, or payment options. For example, an unpaid internship could give you access to housing allowances, free classes, or travel reimbursements. As you commit to summer internships for high schoolers, you should know precisely how an internship works.

How Do Internships Work? 

Summer internships for high schoolers are an excellent way to break into challenging careers. You’ll gain insight and experience in medicine, research, law, or other fields that often require advanced degrees. You’ll get a real sense of whether you want to dive into a career in the area even before you’ve finished your education, but you may also gain valuable contacts that turn out to be great recommendations. You might even land a job offer from those summer internships for high schoolers.

Why Are Internships Important for High Schoolers? 

There are many summer internships for high schoolers. To learn more about some options, look at this list to determine which will best meet your needs. Take a look below at the summer internships for high schoolers these companies are offering:

25 Internships for Summer 2023

Here are 25 internships for high school students in Summer 2023. 

Adler Planetarium Internships 

In addition to carrying out STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education, the Adler Planetarium offers a variety of career preparation programs for Chicago high school students. With programs such as the Youth Leadership Council and Astro-Science Workshop, students with various interests and goals can find something for themselves. 

Air Force Research Library Scholar Program 

As an Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) scholar, you will work on cutting-edge research and technology with full-time scientists and engineers. The AFRL program is a summer internship for high schoolers that provides a competitive stipend.

Animal Care at the San Diego Zoo

A zoo internship is for you if you’ve always dreamed of working there! During this paid summer internship, you will learn how to care for zoo animals and teach zoo guests about conservation.

Bank of America Student Leaders Program

The Bank of America Student Leaders Program provides high school students with the opportunity to work with nonprofit organizations like Boys Clubs, Habitat for Humanity, and Girls Club through these summer internships for high schoolers. This program allows participants to view first-hand how governments, nonprofits, and businesses work together to meet local needs and learn how to make positive changes. In addition, there are unique perks for interns, such as attending the Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.


In New York at Columbia University, BRAINYAC is a brain research apprenticeship program run by Zuckerman Institute. The program offers intensive summer internships for high schoolers, including hands-on experiences, for 10th and 11th graders.

GeoSciences Bridge Internship Program 

High school students interested in pursuing a geosciences career can participate in the Geosciences Bridge Program for six weeks, funded by the National Science Foundation. GIS/Remote Sensing techniques and ocean sciences are all introduced. Aside from field trips, lectures, and hands-on activities, the summer internships for high schoolers also offer two college-credit courses. You can also study marine biology, chemistry, biogeochemistry, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and physical oceanography.

Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) Internship

CSSI is a four-week online summer internship program designed to give first-year college students with a passion for technology an introduction to computer science. CSSI introduces rising first-year college students to computer science over four weeks, especially those from marginalized backgrounds. 

It provides students with a hands-on, interactive introduction to computer science, stimulates their interest in obtaining a degree in the field, and builds their confidence and technical skills. Participants will also look inside Google’s culture and environment. 

Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Internship

High school juniors and seniors interested in natural resources and environmental management may be interested in the Hutton Program. It’s a paid summer internship and mentoring program. As a student from an underrepresented group, you could be matched with mentors who may become lifelong friends through the program.

Indiana University Summer Research Program

Applicants must be underrepresented in high school and interested in a career in biomedical or behavioral science. In addition to gaining exposure to clinical research programs, interns will interact with the university’s cancer center research programs. Additionally, the internship includes weekly workshops that offer graduate and professional school application advice. 

Johns Hopkins CARES Summer Program

Johns Hopkins University offers several summer internships for high schoolers for underprivileged high school students interested in pursuing careers in science, public health, or medicine. STEM and health-related disciplines are the focus of these initiatives. 

Students who have completed the CARES program at Johns Hopkins participate in a symposium. Students interested in a medical career should apply for this internship. Students can visit university departments and interact with professionals in various fields through the program.

KP Launch Internship 

Underrepresented and low-income high school students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare can take advantage of the KP Launch program by obtaining paid internships. Medical offices in Northern California and Oakland will host interns. The program allows participants to network with healthcare professionals and explore the wide range of non-medical careers available in the healthcare field. 

LaunchX Internships

Pre-college programs for academically-inclined students will only do for some entrepreneurs. Instead, programs like LaunchX help businesses succeed by putting business first. These popular summer internships for high schoolers support the growth of young entrepreneurs around the globe. 

Through LaunchX, you’ll meet promising young entrepreneurs worldwide for four weeks of intensive knowledge-building in business methodologies. Then, to create your products, you’ll work with like-minded peers at LaunchX while learning from industry experts.

Microsoft High School Internship 

Microsoft offers summer internships for high schoolers interested in learning more about STEM fields. Students can develop their computer science and programming skills by participating in this internship program, exploring possibilities, and connecting with others. 

These summer internships for high schoolers allow students to learn about computer science and programming. You should consider an internship at Microsoft if you are considering pursuing a degree in one of these fields: science, technology, engineering, and math.

NASA High School Internship Program

Students can apply for NASA summer internships for high schoolers throughout the year. In addition, students can explore career options within STEM through NASA’s Pathways Intern Employment Program (IEP). 

You must be 16 years of age and either in sophomore, junior, or senior year to apply. You may complete various projects as part of this high school internship program. No prior experience is necessary! Depending on the length and academic level of the internship, you may be offered a stipend.

NIH Internships

You will work closely with NIH biomedical researchers for eight weeks over the summer. One of their subprograms will also introduce STEM and leadership development. The first program is HiSTEP, offered to students from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., as an introduction to STEM and leadership. High school students and graduates of HiSTEP in the Bethesda area can take HiSTEP 2.0.

Plant Genome Research REU

The Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI), Cornell University, and USDA offer excellent summer internships for high schoolers and undergraduates interested in plant science research and bioinformatics.

Sandia Internships

Achieving real-world, challenging projects that impact the nation and the world is a priority at Sandia from high school to Ph.D. level. In the cybersecurity and software development disciplines, interns participate in projects at technical institutes. 

You’ll receive mentoring and engage in social activities as part of their summer internships for high schoolers. Besides receiving salary and training, students might also receive academic credit.

Scripps Translational Science Institute 

The Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) offers summer internships for high schoolers who are highly motivated. Besides working with internationally renowned investigators in genomics, bioinformatics, and digital medicine, interns receive training from a multidisciplinary team of scientists.

Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian Office of Internships provides high school students with experience at the world’s largest museum, education, and research institution. Besides summer internships for high schoolers in business, Smithsonian Internships also offer internships in areas such as public administration, arts, science, and history. 

In addition, there are a variety of virtual, hybrid, and in-person summer internships for high schoolers across various museums: the National Museum of Natural History, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the National Portrait Museum.

The Expanding Horizons Internship 

High school students may apply for the Expanding Horizons Internship through the Constitutional Rights Foundation. The summer internships for high schoolers prepare students for college, careers, and civic life by giving them intensive skill development and personal growth. 

In the spring of each year, EHI students attend interactive seminars. Then the summer internships for high schoolers involve work for a law firm, corporation, government agency, or nonprofit organization.

The International Rescue Committee (IRL) 

IRC career opportunities are as diverse as our work, including internships! Summer internships for high schoolers are available at IRC Silver Spring, concerning the many services IRC provides to its clients. During their summer internships for high schoolers at the IRC in Silver Spring, interns will help resettle newly arrived refugees by working in an active, hands-on environment. 

The Library of Congress Internship 

Many summer internships for high schoolers are available from the Library of Congress, including openings in the Geographic Information Science Program, the Manuscript Division, and the Young Readers Center Program.

Met High School Internship Program

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers awesome paid summer internships for high schoolers interested in art, museums, and creativity. The program allows students to gain valuable work experience, develop professional skills, and build a network. 

USSS Student Volunteer Program 

If you’re interested in learning how the U.S. Secret Service protects the nation’s highest elected officials, you can join this internship program. Academic credit is available if you’re interested in working in intelligence.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Internships

Designed for art, animation, computer graphics, and film students, the Walt Disney Animation Studios Summer Internship Program lasts 12 weeks. Summer Internships begin in May 2023. The internships may be virtual or in-person, depending on local restrictions in place when the internships start. 

Tips for Applying for an Internship 

Think Small

Internships are not only available at large companies. Because of that local connection, a nearby company will probably offer you summer internships for high schoolers. It is also possible to make a real difference by working for a local company. It is easier to learn so much and contribute to the direction of a business when there are fewer employees and more direct exposure to the owner/CEO.

Often, small businesses need to list internships online. It may be best for you to email the company you wish to intern at or to message the small business owner on LinkedIn as a high school student.

Adapt Your Search

As COVID-19 continues to impact businesses across our country, a job search may require you to adapt your preferences for opportunities that better match your remote working preferences. For example, in contrast to mechanical engineering and healthcare, journalism, software engineering, and marketing opportunities are much easier to pursue remotely.

Even though finding opportunities in a field you’re interested in can be challenging, don’t give up hope and try to be resourceful. If you are interested in a particular area, ask your teachers, counselors, and family members for recommendations. Use LinkedIn profiles to find business owners and try cold messaging them.

Consider Local Internships

Internships are not only available at large companies. You should reach out to local organizations to inquire about internship possibilities. Internships may not be listed elsewhere, but you can contact the company directly via LinkedIn or email to ask about intern positions. 

Even if they don’t have a structured program, they may offer you an internship because of that local connection. You can learn and contribute to local companies, but it’s also an ideal environment for you with the potential for direct contact with the boss. In addition, your work is likely more noteworthy and appreciated because the company probably has fewer employees. 

Practice Your Interview Skills

Interviews can be intimidating for high school students since you’ve probably never conducted many. However, as you practice your interview skills, you’ll feel more confident and better understand what to say. 

With practice, you’ll be prepared for these interview scenarios that will inevitably happen throughout your career. You can also practice and develop your interview skills with mock interviews. Sometimes, you may be practicing interviews in school or community programs. 


Here are a few top resources that should help you better understand what internships are and how to land the best ones for your career. 

Get the Most Out of Your Internship 

Applicants can differentiate themselves from a field of academically equal candidates by participating in extracurricular activities during the college admissions process. All internships will strengthen your application, but some will have a more meaningful impact. In addition, students who show leadership and responsibility in their internship positions are more likely to catch the attention of admissions offices and even future employers. 

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