How to Survive Your First College Party

Have fun and stay safe with these college party tips.

The college party is a rite of passage for every student. No matter what campus you’re on, you’ll probably find yourself at one at some point. Going to your first college party can be a little scary, especially for new freshmen who don’t know much about the campus social life. Follow these college party tips, and pretty soon you’ll be partying like a pro.

Know Your College Party Priorities

The majority of students are just like you: safety and fun are their top priorities, too. If you do decide to drink, make sure it is in moderation and don’t accept any drinks you haven’t poured yourself. It goes without saying, but always avoid drinking and driving and never get into any cars driven by people who have been drinking.

There are different kinds of college parties and different rules and social etiquette that go along with them.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 25% of college students report their academic life suffering because of alcohol consumption and almost 600,000 students between 18 and 24 years old are unintentionally injured while intoxicated.

Most colleges have emergency phone lines for students who are worried about walking back to their dormitories or apartments. In addition, an increasing number of colleges like Syracuse University or UCLA have medical amnesty policies that state the school cannot discipline the student for breaking school alcohol policy if a student requires medical attention due to dangerous levels of intoxication.

Frat Parties

There are different kinds of college parties and different rules and social etiquette that go along with them. The stereotypical college party that you’ve probably seen in movies is the frat party. Big schools like University of Southern California or state schools like Ohio State University have fraternity houses that will host parties for hundreds of students.

Here are some tips for surviving frat parties:

  • Be careful about alcohol. Typically, there will be copious amounts available
  • Always go with a buddy or group of friends.
  • Sometimes you will only be allowed in if you belong to the frat or are in a group with a lot of women.
  • Dress nicely but don’t go crazy. A casual button down for guys is a good choice. Women should wear something they feel comfortable in, though you may want to avoid dresses.
  • Leave before the party ends. Frat parties often go very late in the night and nothing good happens when people start to leave.

Apartment Parties

Your first college party could also take place at an apartment. These tend to be much smaller and are typically just a group of friends hanging out at someone’s apartment. Students with apartments tend to be older, so partygoers will tend to be older as well.

Here are some apartment party tips:

  • Don’t invite people to go without consent from the host.
  • Don’t do anything crazy. It’s a smaller party so everyone will remember you.
  • You might actually be tempted to drink more since you’ll be more comfortable around friends. Stay safe.
  • If you’re going to an apartment party, be respectful of your neighbors. Keep the volume to a minimum.

No matter what kind of college party you attend, stay safe and enjoy yourself. Successfully surviving your first college party means you’ll have plenty of stories to tell next morning.

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