Missouri Colleges

With three large urban areas—Saint Louis, Kansas City and Springfield—Missouri is home to more than 200 colleges and universities. The University of Missouri System is the statewide public university system, featuring five universities including the University of Missouri, Columbia, the first institution and largest university in the state. US News & World Report lists the university among its choices for Top Schools. Other public colleges and universities include Southeast Missouri State University and University of Central Missouri. Washington University in St Louis, Saint Louis University and Lincoln University, one of several historically black universities, are some of the highly rated private colleges in Missouri. More than a dozen community colleges and a long list of career colleges round out the post secondary education options.

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Missouri College and Degree Offerings

As you can imagine, a selection of more than 200 schools provides a wide range of degree programs for students to choose form. Those searching for a broad liberal art education, four colleges in Missouri are ranked among the best in the country: Evangel University, Westminster College, Fulton, Stephens College, William Jewell College and Baptist Bible College and Graduate School. Degrees in Theology/Theological Studies are widely available—Missouri hosts more than ten theological seminaries. And many other bachelors degrees and masters degrees can be found at other public and private Missouri colleges. Career-focused educations can be pursued at one of several career colleges offering 2-year career training degrees and certificate programs. Community colleges also offer options for 2-year degrees whether students wish to transfer to another Missouri college or enter the workforce upon graduation.

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Missouri Career Opportunities

Both St. Louis, also known as the “western-most eastern city” and Kansas City, the “eastern-most western city,” provide ample career opportunities to graduates of Missouri colleges. Both cities are host to a Federal Reserve Bank, making Missouri the only state to have two within its lines and careers in Finance, Administrative Services and Accounting & Related Services can prepare you for careers there. Jobs are projected to be plentiful for teachers. The University of Missouri, Kansas City has a strong teaching program to prepare students for careers in Education and Teaching, Early Childhood Education and Secondary Education. Careers in Health & Medical Services are always a safe bet for graduates of colleges in Missouri as well. Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training (LPN, LVN, Cert, Dipl, AAS) degrees will help you find success. Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement and Forensics careers are also in demand and Drury University in Springfield has one of the top Corrections programs in the country.