Aromatherapy Colleges

Aromatherapy Colleges

Scents and smells can be very powerful ranging from relaxing lavender to energizing citrus. Aromatherapy students study how different scents affect the brain on mental, emotional and physical levels and learn how to use fragrances and essential oils in treatments. Courses cover essential oil blending, theories of aromatherapy, fragrance extraction methods, taxonomy, chemistry and physiology.

Aromatherapy students can study the major at technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities. Certificate and associate career training degree programs, which last between a few months and two years, are most common for students looking to use the principles for massage and other spa treatments. Some bachelors degree programs are also available to students wanting a deeper understanding in the science behind scents.

For success in an Aromatherapy program, you should be interested in helping people achieve balance, health and wellness. If you’re good at science and comfortable with chemistry, you’ll be on your way to success. Having a good nose and being able to distinguish between different scents will obviously be helpful for this major.

If you’re interested in Aromatherapy, you may want to explore other Healing Arts college majors such as Acupuncture; Alternative and Complementary Medical Support Services; Alternative Medicine; Asian Bodywork Therapy; Ayurvedic Medicine/Ayurveda; Colonic Hydrotherapy; Direct Entry Midwifery (LM; CPM); Energy and Biologically Based Therapies; Feng Shui; Heatheology; Herbalism/Herbalist; Homeopathic Medicine; Hypnotherpay/Hypnotherapist; Herbalism/Herbalist; Homeopathic Medicine; Hypnotherapy/Hypnotherapist; Iridology; Massage Therapy; Movement and Mind-Body Therapies and Education; Movement Therapy and Movement Education; Naturopathic Medicine (ND); Polarity Therapy; Reflexology; Reiki; Somatic Bodywork; Somatic Bodywork and Related Therapeutic Services; Spa Therapy; Traditional Chinese/Asian Medicine and Chinese Herbology and Yoga Teacher Training/Yoga Therapy.

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Choosing an Aromatherapy School

Technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities all offer Aromatherapy programs. If you want to use aromatherapy in spa or massage therapies, look for certificate or associates degree programs that offer hands-on training with clients. For the science behind scents, look for course requirement lists that include lots of science classes and lab work blending fragrances. If you’re interested in travel and having a unique expertise upon graduation look for a study aboard element that will give you a firsthand education in the botanicals of Greece or the South Pacific.

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Aromatherapy Degree Programs

Most Aromatherapy degree programs result in a certificate or associates degree and take two years or less to complete. These programs are offered at technical schools, career colleges, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities. Students will learn the basics of the science of scent and how to use fragrances to promote well-being. Classes will include both hands-on training in blending and applying essential oils as well as classroom instruction in the history of aromatherapy, physiology, aromachology and essential oil basics.

A few college and university aromatherapy bachelors degree programs are also available. A 4-year program typically includes a heavy course load of chemistry and prepares you for a career blending and designing fragrances.

Aromatherapy Degree Programs:

High School Preparation

Future Aromatherapy college majors should hit the books hard in science classes. You’ll learn important principles in chemistry needed for understanding how aromatherapy works as well as for blending fragrances. Psychology courses can help you understand how scent affects people as well. If you plan to work with clients in the spa industry, build interpersonal communication skills in speech, drama and English courses.

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Popular Careers in the Field of Aromatherapy

Careers in the spa and wellness industry are experiencing growth in general due to an increased interest and understanding of holistic and alternative health. Many Aromatherapy majors use their newfound expertise in the spa industry, creating and performing treatments. Some workers may already have another certification in massage or spa therapy and incorporate aromatherapy into their current practice.

Aromatherapy majors can enjoy careers in clinical aromatherapy using essential oils to reduce stress and aid holistic health professionals in patient care. Other aromatherapists may find work in the beauty industry, blending fragrances for candles, perfumes, lotions, bath and body care products. Average annual salaries vary greatly for aromatherapy careers, ranging between $15,000 and $45,000.

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Aromatherapy Colleges


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Tempe, Arizona

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College degrees offered: Certificate Program, Associates Degree


Carrington College, Spokane

Spokane, Washington

College degrees offered: Certificate Program

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