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Orion College

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Founded in 2004 by Jennifer Anglin, Sondra Gerhoff, Nadine Thompson, and Ellen Chiofalo, Orion College (formerly Allied Health Institute) provides educational opportunities to qualified students regardless of geographic area and socio-economic background. Orion College offers a variety of degree and diploma programs through distance education. By utilizing the internet, students enrolled in distance programs have the flexibility to earn a diploma that allows them to enter the workforce or change careers from the convenience of their own home. Our virtual classrooms will enable students to attend classes and communicate with instructors and classmates. Remote labs provide practical, hands-on training for our online students in the area in which they reside. Students who are enrolled in distance-based courses receive online support from our instructors, peers, and student services through faxes, phone, virtual classrooms, email, and newsletters. Through our website, the student has the opportunity to communicate with an admissions representative, apply to the program of their choice, register for classes and seek financial assistance. Once admitted to the College, students will be able to access their online courses, order textbooks and school supplies, view their academic records, and take advantage of our virtual library. In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (H.R. 4137) Orion College freely and responsibly discloses the following consumer information to students, staff, faculty and the general public.

Orion College
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