Fraternity Letters

40 Fraternity and Sorority Nicknames and Greek Letters

From Pi Phis to Beta Sigs, explore the top sorority and fraternity nicknames and the Greek letters that go with them.

Sorority and fraternity nicknames can be confusing for incoming college students. There are hundreds of local, national, and international fraternities and sororities and all of their names are some combination of two or three letters from the Greek alphabet. That’s a lot of letters and nicknames to keep straight.

Typically, fraternity nicknames and sorority nicknames involve the following patterns:

  • Initials: Delta Gamma is “D G”
  • Abbreviated Greek letters: Sigma Phi Epsilon is “Sig Ep.”
  • Use one letter: Kappa Kappa Gamma is “Kappa”

Both fraternities and sororities sometimes omit Greek letters from their names. Other organizations, usually only fraternities, will invent or adopt a word for their fraternity nickname. For example, Pi Kappa Alpha goes by “Pike” because the word pike sounds similar to Pi Kappa. Let’s take a look at 40 common fraternity and sorority nicknames.

Common Sorority Nicknames

Common Fraternity Nicknames

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