How To Start Your Own Student Organization

Are you passionate about a sport or activity but your school doesn’t have a club for it? Learn how to start your own student organization here.

If your school doesn’t offer a club that interests you, start your own student organization! It’s easy to do, and it’s also a great way to be a part of the foundation for what could become a long-lasting tradition on your campus.

Why should you start an official college club instead of simply organizing a gathering with friends? Once your student club is registered, you’ll have access to all sorts of university resources that will help enhance your overall experience.

Registering your group as an official student organization will provide you with many resources you would otherwise not have.

Types of Student Organizations

Your school may have several classifications of student groups – how you choose to register your club will depend on how you envision your group functioning on campus. For example, at the University of Kansas, college clubs fall into one of three categories:

  • Student Organizations: These groups are comprised almost exclusively of students who are currently enrolled at the university. At least 75% of the group must be current students and only those students can run for officer positions.
  • Campus Organizations: If you are planning on adding university faculty members, you will have to register as a campus organization. These groups are run by students in conjunction with university staff.
  • Community Organizations: Community Organizations are open to anyone in the local community. In order to register as a community organization, you will have to demonstrate that your group will serve the college and campus even if members are not attending or working for the school.


At many colleges, you can register your student organization entirely online. There may be written materials or video tutorials you will have to read/watch before your group is accepted, in order for you to learn what the university expects of you and vice versa.

Whether you do it online or in person, you will have to make a case for your club – the school wants to know how your club will benefit other students, faculty members, and the campus at large. A small registration fee may be required, which can be split among members in the form of dues.

Benefits of Student Organizations

Registering your group as an official student organization will provide you with many resources you would otherwise not have. These resources include:

  • Access to campus buildings and equipment. For example, if you wanted to host a viewing party for a movie, the school will let you rent a room and the necessary equipment (TV, DVD player, etc.)
  • Registered student organizations receive funding decided upon by your school’s student council or student government. This funding can be used to pay speakers, take trips, and host social gatherings and other activities.
  • You can create a website under your school’s domain in order to help get the word out on campus.
  • You’ll be able to establish a checking account and use campus mail for correspondence. The bigger your group, the easier managing your organization will be if you are registered.
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