Does My College GPA Matter?

You’ve been accepted into college. Now…does your GPA matter anymore? Everybody knows that keeping your GPA up in high school is important. But exactly how important is your GPA once you’re in college? The GPA is calculated by averaging your grades together based on a point system, which is usually a 4.0 scale. There are

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What is Rush?

Find out everything you need to know about fraternity and sorority rush weeks. Rush week is an exciting, intense time for many students in college, and equally confusing for many others. New students may only know about rush week through movies or other media, and not know what rush is really all about. After reading

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What is Greek Life?

What is sorority life like? How about fraternity life? How are they different? Find out here. Considering how often you hear about fraternities and sororities, many incoming freshmen enter college with the same question: “What is Greek life?” It’s a simple question, but there’s no simple answer. Greek life varies from campus to campus and

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10 Largest Sororities

Read about the largest sororities in the United States. The largest sororities aren’t always the best ones, but their members probably see it that way. Being a part of the largest sororities is often very rewarding for members because it’s an instant bond that can connect two women from across the world. The oldest sorority

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CSU or UC: What’s Right for You?

Find out which of these California public university systems is your best match. There are a lot of factors which students need to consider when choosing between California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC). Though both are public university systems, they differ in many ways. Depending on your academic goals, location preferences, budget and other

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