What Jobs Can I Get With a Bachelor's Degree?

Find out what career opportunities could be available to you after completing your bachelor’s degree program.

It’s common knowledge that earning a bachelor’s degree is a pretty good career move.

It’s generally assumed that the higher the degree you have, the more money you can potentially earn. And, in many cases, this is correct.

Do you have a strong desire to help other people? Social workers help struggling families overcome a variety of personal issues ranging from chronic disease to unemployment.

In addition, a bachelor’s degree is often the minimum requirement for getting a job.

What jobs can a bachelor’s degree holder actually get?

Popular Bachelor’s Degree Jobs

Engineering, health care and technology are all booming fields that offer many opportunities for job-seekers with a bachelor’s degree.

Even if your interests don’t align within any of those three industries, there are still plenty of jobs in arts and design, Criminal Justice and General Business.

Keep in mind that entry-level jobs in some occupations may require licensing or certification in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Here are just a few examples of specific careers that bachelor’s degree holders are eligible for:

Physician Assistants

Interested in medicine, but don’t want to spend close to a decade in college to become a physician? Physician assistant's work in teams to diagnose and provide treatment services to patients. This job is on the rise and is expected to grow much faster than average until 2018.

Degree: Physician Assistant Bachelor’s Degree
Median Wage: $84,420

Biomedical Engineers

If you’re looking for a financially rewarding career in engineering that doesn’t require an advanced degree, this might be a good fit for you. Biomedical engineers apply theories in science and mathematics to help design and develop consumer products. This occupation offers among the highest starting salaries in the country.

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
Median Wage: $82,550

Real Estate Sales Agents

In this career, you could help clients find their dream home or office. If you are adaptable and have strong interpersonal skills, you might thrive in this career. It used to be that anyone with a high school diploma could become a real estate sales agent, but employers are frequently requiring applicants to have a bachelor’s degree.

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate
Median Wage: $40,100

Financial Managers

Employable in virtually every type of business, the financial manager handles the company’s cash flow and determines the best ways to manage money. Continued education to keep up with industry trends is typically required.

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or Business Administration
Median Wage: $99,330

Multimedia Artist and Animators

If you like working on computers and have a knack for drawing, this could be the career for you. Multimedia artists and animators use computer technology to create graphics and other visual images used in the film and video industries. Applicants with strong portfolios have a greater chance of getting a job immediately after graduation, so make the most of your school projects during your program.

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts
Median Wage: $58,250

Child, Family, and School Social Workers

Do you have a strong desire to help other people? Social workers help struggling families overcome a variety of personal issues ranging from chronic disease to unemployment. Job growth for this occupation is expected to grow as fast as average, but rural areas will probably have the most job openings.

Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work
Median Wage: $39,960

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