10 Most Popular Colleges in Texas

Everything is big in Texas, including these colleges. Check out which schools students like most and find out why.

Rumor has it that everything is bigger in Texas. Texas colleges are no exception. They have some of the largest research facilities, Greek systems, student publications, and collegiate sports teams in the country. The state is also working to provide affordable education, particularly at the community college level.

UH offers many state-of-the-art facilities like the Energy Research Park and a Nanofabrication Facility.

10. Texas Tech University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 28,260

Cost: In-state: $8,725, Out-of-state: $18,155

Best Programs: Family and consumer sciences, journalism, business, and engineering.

Fun Fact: Notable Texas Tech alumni include Ed Whitacre, former chairman and CEO of AT&T and General Motors, country singer Pat Green, and actor Brad Leland of “Friday Night Lights.”

9. The University of Texas at San Antonio

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 28,533

Cost: In-state: $8,419, Out-of-state: $18,949

Best Programs: Biomedical sciences, psychology, sociology, and business.

Fun Fact: The majority of UTSA’s students are the first-generation of their families to attend college.

8. Austin Community College District

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 33,508

Cost: In-state: $62 per credit hour, Out-of-state: $308 per credit hour

Best Programs: Air force science, auto body collision repair and refinishing, hospitality management, and welding technology.

”’Fun Fact: ACC was selected three times for NASA’s Microgravity University.

7. University of Houston

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 34,663

Cost: In-state: $9,211, Out-of-state: $18,601

Best Programs: Psychology, journalism, biomedical sciences, and business management.

Fun Fact: University of Houston offers many state-of-the-art facilities including the Energy Research Park and the Nanofabrication Facility. It is also officially designated as a Hispanic-serving institution.

6. University of North Texas

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 34,710

Cost: In-state: $9,078, Out-of-state: $19,608

Best Programs: Visual and performing arts, journalism, interdisciplinary art and design studies, and social science.

Fun Fact: University of North Texas is home to one of five residential programs in which students can complete their first two years of college while finishing their high school education.

5. Tarrant County College

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 37,948

Cost: In-state: $55 per credit hour, Out-of-state: $205 per credit hour

Best Programs: Aviation, library technology, fashion merchandising, and criminal justice.

Fun Fact: Upon it’s establishment in 1965, Tarrant County College had the largest opening-day enrollment of any community college.

4. Lone Star College System

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 39,756

Cost: In-District: $88 per credit hour, In-State but out-of-district: $158 per credit hour, Out-of-state: $248 per credit hour

Best Programs: Business, liberal arts, speech, music, education, and criminal justice.

Fun Fact: Lone Star College System is the fastest growing community college system in Texas.

3. Houston Community College System

Type of College: Community College

Enrollment: 43,518

Cost: In-state: $67, Out-of-state: $155

Best Programs: Engineering, real estate, accounting, and geology.

Fun Fact: Houston Community College has a partnership with University of Texas-Tyler that allows students to earn a bachelor’s in engineering.

2. Texas A & M University

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 46,542

Cost: In-state: $8,500, Out-of-state: $25,000

Best Programs: Business, engineering, and education.

Fun Fact: Alumni of Texas A&M are known for their devotion to their school. According to a former student body president, students often get made fun of for their cult-like behavior.

1. The University of Texas at Austin

Type of College: Public University

Enrollment: 50,170

Cost: In-state: $9,792, Out-of-state: $33,060

Best Programs: Journalism, social sciences, biomedical sciences, and engineering.

Fun Fact: Notable University of Texas, Austin alumni include actor Matthew McConaughey and former first lady Laura Bush.

Quick Facts

  • Community colleges in Texas are based on a district system. Tuition is lowest for students who live in the college’s district. For everyone outside of the district, tuition is slightly higher, and it’s even higher for those who are out-of-state.
  • If you’re considering attending school in Texas, check out the College for All Texans website for helpful information on applying to Texas’s major colleges.
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